Precis Writing

Precis as a “restatement in shortened form of the chief ideas, points, etc., of a speech or a piece of writing“.
A Precis is an abridgment of a lengthy matter, whether it is a speech, suggestions, findings or record or other proceedings or discussions. It’s usually written in the form of a brief and coherent paragraph.

Qualities of a Good Precis

Completeness: A precis should cover the essential of the given passage. It should not omit any important fact or idea.
Clarity: It should express the meaning of the original clearly and be free from all ambiguities and redundancies. Without reading the original, one should be able to get the main message through the precis.
Conciseness: A precis must be brief and precise.
How to Make a Good Precis

The following points may be borne in mind in order to make a goo precis.

  • Reduce the passage to one-third of its original length.
  • Choose a title, which gives an over-view of the passage.
  • Write in your own words.
  • Avoid phrases/words from the passage, which stand out.
  • Reduce the data to the minimum.
  • Use only third person, pronouns an indirect speech.
  • Do not add anything extraneous to the passage.
  • Delete repetitive ideas or words.
  • Follow all rules of grammar an punctuation.
  • Always make a rough draft.
  • Use the precis-sheets.

Essay Writing

An Essay is a literary composition on any subject, usually in prose an short…

An Important component of most professional examinations is the writing of an essay. The purpose for including it is three-fold:

  1. The first is to test the familiarity of the candidate with the topical issues. The developments in the world of trade, commerce & technology take place at a fast pace. A candidate will only be able to present facts if he knows them.
  2. An essay also tests the ability of candidates to think in a coherent manner. It is said that clear language is the product of a clear mind. A confuse writer will only produce a haphazard collection of half truths.
  3. The third is to see whether the candidate can express his/her views in a language, which is fluent, free from errors and grammatically acceptable.

Guide to Writing Basic Essay

An essay should have a quick introduction, that should set out the approach the writer proposes to adopt. It’s not necessary to take sides and it is possible to agitate each or all sides of a retardant. But it should become clear right within the starting however we have a tendency to propose to agitate the topic. We must always not keep the reader estimate. A immediate and positive introduction.

The middle part of an essay should evolve out of the introduction. It should be compose of many paragraphs. The number of paragraphs will be partially determined by the proposed length of our essay and also the define we’ve ready. But within the interest of unity and proportion, their size should be identical. Every paragraph should ideally agitate only one or similar points.

The conclusion should be brief. It should be within the sort of a paragraph, that is shorter than those preceding it. It should not appear as if an extension of the center. An essay is usually describe as an effort to prove a hypothesis. We have a tendency to make a statement within the introduction and so systematically build up a case by carefully presenting arguments and supporting them with relevant examples. A conclusion says a similar thing as same within the introduction but the words used area unit totally different.

Our first draft is rarely the simplest. We should always realize time to scan our essay once more and to revise it if necessary. We have a tendency to commit errors relating to the utilization of not only spellings but conjointly usage.

These simple steps will guide you through the essay writing process:

Decide on your topic. 

Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas. 

Write your thesis statement. 

Write the body with the main points, sub points and elaborate on the sub points.

Write the introduction.

Write the conclusion.

Add the finishing touches.